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8hp Electrical just stopped

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  • 8hp Electrical just stopped

    My boat was in storage for a few months. I took out today to get it ready for the season. My 115 hp Yamaha works great. the problem is with my 8hp kicker. As soon as I applied the power the 8hp T8plr power worked OK as the trim up and down worked. But after testing the 115 hp I went to start the 8hp and nothing. tried the trim again and now nothing. I thought maybe the fuse. I only found one fuse which I replaced. Still nothing. I tested the power and I have power to the outboard. I'm at a loss what to try next. Any ideas?


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    Check battery cable and connections at battery and at engine, make sure it is in neutral.
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      thanks for the reply.
      I did check the power cable at the battery and motor. I found 12 volts at the motor side but to be honest, not sure without an electrical diagram where else to test.
      Also, eliminated the "neutral" from the equation because the power trim stopped working also. I know the power trim worked when I first attached the starter battery. But then later the trim stopped working. I do hear a slight buzz when I push the trim button but nothing. I still suspect a bad ground but every test I do on the cable between the battery and the motor seems OK. The battery is good, checked that and it also runs the 115 horse Yamaha.
      I don't have an electrical diagram so I am not sure where else to test on the motor. Do you know if an electrical diagram is available?
      Again, thank you for the response.