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1990 225etld prime start question

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  • 1990 225etld prime start question

    i have a 1990 225 etld with the prime start. the prime start has 2 "solenoids" on it. i was wondering if the prime start only affects the starting of the motor or does it do stuff during to whole time the motor is running. does it work as a fuel enrichment system when i put the motor under a load? im haveing problems with the motor bogging down and shutting off when i try to plane off.

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    whens the last time you cleaned carbs, changed fuel pumps ?
    changed filters and separator ?
    run ethanol ?


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      its all been cleaned, serviced, and replaced... my prime start has been disconnected by previous owner. since i bought it i have a problem when im trying to take off underload. i have no problem starting or idleing just when i put underload. so my question is does it act as a fuel enrichment when under load or is it just used for starting purposes.


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        just for starting and then based on inputs to the ECU by the themosensor.
        the A&B orifices are also different sized.
        the ECU depending on engine temp will determine which,or both,solinoids activate.

        how can you bypass it??
        you simply cannot.

        you can fix it, but you will either have to find an old crotchety master tech or stumble along.
        that setup was only used about 3 years and only on the 2.6L V6.
        the 3.1LV6 carbed used an entirely different setup.

        one of the issues we had was if the diaphragm for the A&B solenoid pump ruptured it will run rich at idle and wont pick up the load due to low fuel level in the top carb.

        luckily its a very simple system.


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          so im stuck because, i have cleaned carbs, new plugs, getting spark, throttle position sensor is set correctly, good compression, fuel lines clean, running on portable tank with fresh fuel and oil, someone took the prime start off and replaced it with a third fuel pump and added a basic electric choke solenoid that is only activated by the choke switch... the motor will run great except when i go to throttle up and get on plane then it boggs down and wants to shut down, if i douple tap the choke as i throttle up then it will take right off and get on plane just like it should and continue to run great until i throttle back down. i dont know what else i am missing. if the prime start only controls the starting of the motor then that shouldnt be my issue but if it does act as a fuel enrichment as when underload then that would be my exact problem.. right???


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            but it doesn't so thats not the problem.
            I would double check all pump diaphrams and carbs for correct float heights.