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Yamaha F8 rectifier / regulator install

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  • Yamaha F8 rectifier / regulator install

    Hi All,

    Pretty sure I have this figured but hoping for some confirmation.

    I have a long shaft F8MLHB, 2003. Bought rectifier / regulator for it (part #68T-81960-00-00).

    What I have gathered from reading is I just plug the two green bullet plugs into the open green wires in the wiring block on left side of engine:

    But the rectifier itself has more than just the two green bullet plugs, one of the bullet plugs first goes to a bullet socket and then y's off that... am I supposed to plug something into that bullet socket or do I leave it empty:

    And final question (sorry for all the q's at once!), I get different opinions reading through posts as to how to connect to battery. Obviously red goes to positive on battery, does black wire go directly from rectifier/regulator to negative on battery, or should it go to ground on the outboard itself and then I wire from that ground on the outboard to the battery?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    -- Bass

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    Connect two green wires to green wires from stator, connect red wire to positive battery post, put a 20 amp inline fuse on red wire. Connect a ground wire to engine block and run to negitive battery post.
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      Thanks, that's what I eventually figured out...

      ... after downloading a wiring diagram.

      However, I only get about 3.5 volts at idle and 5 - 5.25 volts at relatively full throttle.

      Is this a problem with the rectifier or possibly with the lighting coil itself? I tried to test the output from the lighting coil itself (voltage across the two green wires) but it didn't tell me much, seemed to be low though.

      Hmm, maybe I should just stick to solar...

      Thanks for the help on the first question.

      -- Bass