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Yamaha C115 carburetor types

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  • Yamaha C115 carburetor types

    I have a used C115 outboard 1999.

    The top carb has the number 6E515 stamped on it, which matches what's in the Yamaha service manual.

    The bottom carb is stamped 6R301 and has different bowl drain/jet plugs.

    Does anyone know if the top and bottom cards should have different numbers. What is the 6R301 carb, and is the idle screw setting the same as for 6E515 (5/8 turn out)?

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    yes they are different as they operate differently


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      The lower 6R301 carb has slightly different linkage parts for the throttle and choke. Should there be any other differences? Can you explain how they operate differently? I like to understand the details.


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        From Clymer and Yamaha manuals, a 1999 C115TLRX engine uses carbs with stamping 6E515. Pilot screws should be set 5/8 turn out for all C115 engines 1990-2002.

        The carb stamped 6R301 is used on 1990-1995 175HP (not PRO V) engines. It's pilot screw setting is 1-3/8 turn out. Jet sizes are different from the 6E515 carb.

        Has anyone ever seen a C115 engine with a 6E515 on top and 6R301 on the bottom? Did the factory do this, or did someone put the wrong carb on? Any chance these carbs can actually work together?