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Speedometer to fuel level sender

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  • Speedometer to fuel level sender

    Hi every one.

    I have a question about how to connect the digital speedometer to a fuel level sender unit.

    On the digital speedometer there goes two wires to the fuel sender: white and black.

    When the two wires not connected, the speedometer indicate full. Then I tried to put a resistor of 100 ohm between them and the level indicator doesn't change. It should mark at least on the middle of the fuel level.

    Can anyone tell me where should I connect the black wire and the white wire of the speedometer?

    Thank you.

    Nuno - Portugal

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    black goes to ground,the tank also has to be grounded.
    the white goes to the sender terminal.
    the guage can be set for yamaha sender,europen sender or US sender.
    remember when you hook up a resistor it may take a few minutes for the guage to react.


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      Rodbolt17 thank you for answer to my question. I'll test it this weekend and then i'll post if somethings wrong or if it works perfectelly.