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EH3 70 hp bogging down

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  • EH3 70 hp bogging down

    My 70 hp bogs down when i hit the throttle. It's becoming difficult to start but when i get it started and hit the throttle it chugs at low rpm. There seems to be one cylinder not firing. If i pull the manual choke out momentarily on the motor it takes off like a train (or a boat in this case). If i throttle down again i have the same problem if i try to power up. Can anyone offer advise please.

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    use a spark tester or a inductive timing light to prove all plugs are sparking properly, especially while problem is occurring, if choke helps then the carbs need attention.

    compression ,spark, and timing are all easy to check.
    Then it is on to fuel.

    Check fuel pump 1st and then clean carbs and do the link and sync after reinstalling carbs