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f40tlr bogging on acceleration

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  • f40tlr bogging on acceleration

    Hey! I have a four stroke 40 tiller. The problem I am having is that it will idle fine,for the most part, but as soon as you give it any throttle it bogs, spits and sputters and sometimes dies! I can sometimes feather it past this point and when it does, it runs smooth and hard at wide open!
    Brand new fuel tank
    Brand new fuel line,tank to motor

    I need help yall!!!


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    Sounds like the carbs. I had the same problem with my 50hp two stroke. OK nice the carbs were properly cleaned it ran great through all throttle positions.


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      I agree, but will need special equipment to set carbs after reinstalling.

      I have read that that F40 is a tough motor to get cleaned and adjusted properly


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        Have done several of these engines.Clean your carbs properly(all jets and passages) dont tuch/adjust butterfly sync screws. Give it a try after asseblying.
        If it didnt respond on the job,you might have an ecu problem. Did the same job on a F40-engine ran fin up to 2000rpm,and then boggs down. If i could get it over 2000rpm it would run fine at WOT. This engine had an ecu issue-changed ecu and engine ran fine.Try to borrow one before purcase to be sure(can also be stator or pulser coil problem) Good luck