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Engine won't start. Which cylinder to spray fuel/oil mixture into.

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  • Engine won't start. Which cylinder to spray fuel/oil mixture into.

    Can't start my 1998 250 HP Saltwater (S250 TXRW) series 2 stroke. I suspect the VST as there is no pressure/fuel at the Shraeder valve and will be checking it and the filter tomorrow. I had water in the fuel and I'm hoping it didn't kill the fuel pump $$$. I have replaced the water separator and removed the bad fuel from the cup filter. Then I was able to start it and run thru a warm up, but after about 10 days away, it won't start. Switching the key to "on" (not cranking) does produce a sound from the pump for about a second. A mechanic told me that the water may have gotten into the VST and caused it to seize up.

    Any advice is appreciated, but another question that popped into my head is whether or not it matters which cylinder you spray a fuel/oil mixture into if you wanted to just see if it will fire up. (Mainly to make sure there isn't any internal damage post-VST).

    Side Note: after inspecting the plugs I found one loose. Don't know if the lack of compression might have complicated things. Otherwise they looked decent. I will replace the plugs, but since there doesn't seem to be any fuel getting to the VST, I figure that's the priority.

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    Crack open the vst ,clean it out , replace filtrr and try to get pump to run by applying 12 v, red hot, blue ground


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      Done. The HP pump was seized. Reversed the polarity12V and it immediately freed up.