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Strange power tilt and trim (PTT) problem

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  • Strange power tilt and trim (PTT) problem

    Motor: 2003 F80A. This is the symptoms:
    - The PTT motor is running, but it doesn't raise or lower the motor
    - The motor will sink to lowest position if let by itself
    - I can manually rise (hard in low position) and lower it manually. No difference if manual release valve is open or not.
    - When moving it manually, it has a slack with no hydraulic resistance at all.
    - There is no leakage if fluid.

    This is the history:
    All funcioning well, but suddenly the trim motor didn't respond. So I startet troublewshooting, and opened the manual realease valve. As a newbe, in that operation I removed the secure ring and opened the valve so much that a little fluid ran out. Closed it immediatly. However, it showd up to be the battery that was malfunctioning, even though it had 12.4 V. But with a new battery, the PTT now has the symptoms as described above.

    I am thinking whether some of the valves might be the problem? I hav no understanding of the internal mecanism, so if somebody can explain how the fluid and valves are funcioning (or can link to a description) it might help me on the way
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    more than likly the check ball is not on its seat.
    list and support the engine,compleatly remove the manual valve.
    catch the ball.
    clean everything.
    inspect the valve,ball and ball seat.
    hopefully nothining got smashed.
    the book says when reinstalling the ball to position the trim unit so the bore faces up.
    you can use vasoline to insert the ball and hold it in place with the unit mounted.
    you have a technician induced fault.
    not strange nor uncommon.


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      Thanks for a impressive quick answer. But I'm not familiar with this: When I unscrew the valve, the fluid will run out, and inside the screw/valve there is a ball?
      Additional information: when I unscrew the bottom valve, trhere was now fluid coming out. But I have filled/topped ut in the top filling hole.


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        And, sorry to be such an amateur, but beeing a Norwegian I can blame my lack of language understanding: what is the bore (the bore facing up)?


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          the manual valve simply seats a ball in a socket.
          valve and socket are aluminium,ball is steel.
          ball not being properly centered in the socket and the valve tightened can destroy on or the other or both.
          quit randomly playing with it.
          you took a simple electrical issue and have possibly created an issue.
          the valve has a pin on the end that keeps the ball pushed onto the ball seat.
          when you removed the circlip,designed to prevent the valve from being unscrewed to far, the ball may have fallen of the seat and wedged between the side of the bore and the side of the pin.
          remember the ball is steel.
          the rest is Al.
          now its time to dissasembe the manual valve,inspect for any damage and properly reassemble the valve.
          you have chosen to play with a single cylinder twin ram set up.
          about the most complex and difficult trim unit yamaha has ever offered.


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            Thank you very much, Rodbolt It was the ball that was out of place. Now it's working perfectly again. Lesson learned.


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              no worries.
              notice I did not holler about a manual?
              the service manual is rather spotty on that unit.
              most techs dont realize it either.