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2001 250 ox66

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  • 2001 250 ox66

    I've been having intermittent trouble with my motor all season. Started of with rpm loss, from mid 4000's dropping to around 2000. Could go 30+ miles and never act up and sometimes we could go 5 miles and it would start. Would happen mostly after going about 15 miles or more, although it started doing it only after 5 miles or so in the middle of the season, quit on us once. If we let it sit for a few minutes would be fine for a while longer. No alarms. Changed low pressure pumps, checked for water in gas, changed separator. Took it for a shakedown, ran good, thought we had it. One weekend motor would barely turn over in the slip, cough and quit within a second. Mechanic came down and took a look, of course she turned over and ran like a top. Although pressure test and flow was fine, decided to change high pressure pump, had never been changed in 10 years. Didn't work, still wouldn't stay running. Mechanic did some trouble shooting and motor would run with throttle positioning sensor disconnected, changed that. Ran great. Thought we had it again. Went fishing last weekend, ran awesome all night. Go to turn it over to head home, won't stay running. Disconnecting computer lets it run, run like crap, but run. Got towed home. Mechanic going to try changing the stator. Sounds like a good idea, but in order to have confidence in the fix, I have to go 20+ miles because it is so intermittent, don't want to get towed again. Any ideas or sound familiar to anyone?

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    monitor rail pressure
    find a new tech