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150 Yamaha S150TXRW Oil Problem

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  • 150 Yamaha S150TXRW Oil Problem

    I have a 1998 150 Yamaha S150TXRW 2 stroke. The oil pump that pumps oil from the remote tank to the main tank, mounted on the engine, will not turn on automatically. Have determined that the level switches in both tanks are functioning properly and the pump will run using the emergency switch. All wiring appears to be intact with no bad connections. Alarms and low level lights in the tachometer work correctly. Have a repair manual but there is no reference to the remote tank and pump. Is there a relay that turns the pump on in automatic or is that function built into the CD ignition "black box"?

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    Engine has to be running and boat oil tank has plenty of oil in it, if oil level sensors are good should transfer oil.
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      engine switch is on, sensors are good, plenty of oil, oil pump does not run except with bypass switch


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        So you say the engine has to be actually running, not just with ignition switch on?


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          1996 and up 2.6L,all 3.1 and 3.3L two strokes must have the engine running for the automatic transfer to work.
          only exception is the 180 sec initial fill function.
          v4 and earlier v6 motors that have a green white wire and a seperate oil module have the same function as the later 2.2 and 3.1 engines.


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            Thanks a lot. I got snookered because the initial failure to fill was probably caused by a plugged strainer which I cleared. Then I went down the wrong path because I didn't know that the engine had to be running for the pump to run. Will replace the strainer for good measure.