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How to Remove a Carburetor from a T8?

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  • How to Remove a Carburetor from a T8?

    I am trying to remove a carburetor from a 2008-2010 model of T8 (T8DPLR). I can easily remove the two metal links (starboard side), one fuel hose, and two bolts. But I have a problem removing a metal link that is in the port side of the carburetor. That metal link is connecting to some kind of a device on top of the carburetor. I don't see how to remove that metal link . Can someone please tell me how to remove that metal link?

    I am waiting for a service manual for that T8 outboard that I have ordered. But I am not sure if the service manual will show me how to remove that metal link, and I am impatient. That's why I ask.

    By the way, does the service manual explain the way to clean the carburetor?

    Please help. Thanks.

    Jay Chan

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    Can you post a picture of it?


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      Pictures of the Carburetor in T8

      Thanks for your prompt reply. I have attached the pictures of the carburetor and the link between the carburetor and the unknown devide:



      Jay Chan


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        Sorry, but I can not help as I am not familiar with that motor or the device and linkage.

        Hopefully someone will be able to chime in and help that has one like that


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          Thanks Anyway

          That metal link in question is indirectly connected to the manual choke knob. I believe it is a part of the remote-choke. It is not available in all models of T8. Therefore, this is probably where the complication is coming from.

          Thanks for trying to help though.

          I will wait for the service manual to see if I can find info about that.

          Jay Chan


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            Service Manual No Help - Mechanic Fixed the Problem

            I have received the service manaul. But the service manual doesn't seem to cover anything related to the electric-start model (despite the fact that I used my exact model number to order the service manual). And it doesn't cover anything related to that "unknown" device (I believe it is the remote choke). I am quite disappointed.

            I asked a mechanic in a Yamaha dealer to fix the carbureter. He didn't need to disassemble the carbureter. He fixed the problem by flushing the fuel line and the carbureter to remove the stale gas.

            This means I still cannot figure out how to remove the carbureter from the outboard (that is an electric-start model). I may never find out. For now, I need to figure out how to flush the fuel line and the carbureter - and that will be a different story.

            By the way, the reason why there was stale gas has to do with the fact that I didn't run the outboard dry when the last time I ran the outboard several months ago -- despite the fact that I had already treated the fuel with stablizer. This may have to do with the 10% ethanol in the fuel. Based on the mechanic's recommendation, I will run the outboard dry before I leave the outboard in long term storage.

            Jay Chan


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              Diagram of Remote Choke

              There is a message thread called "9.9 tiller to remote electric choke linkage?" that has a link to a remote choke diagram that shows how the remote choke is connected to a carburetor. Hopefully, it has enough info for me to remove the remote choke from the carburetor and then I can remove the carburetor from my T8 outboard.


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                No Luck

                Unfortunately the remote choke diagram doesn't help. May be the answer is right on the diagram. But I cannot figure this out.

                Oh well...


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                  Electric choke just has a rod that connects to carb choke plates, held on with a o-ring. Once remove bolts from carb and move air silencer out of way can reach behind carb and remove o-ring and choke rod.
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                    Will Try Your Tip When I Get Back My Boat

                    I will try your tip when I get back my boat from my marine mechanic.

                    I have asked my marine mechanic to thorughly clean the carburetor. I guess this means I will not be able to take advantage of your tip this year. But I will still try to see if I can use your method to disconnect the link of the remote choke from the carburetor. I believe this is good to know because I expect similar problem may happen in the future, and I will need to remove the carburetor sooner or later.

                    Jay Chan


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                      like I said, best I remember its easier and faster to remove the solinoid and the carb at the same time.