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1988 50 pro idles at 3000rpm

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  • 1988 50 pro idles at 3000rpm

    i recently received a 1988 50 pro that is idling at 2500-3000 rpm. cleaned and rebuilt carbs all new gaskets. still same symptoms all throats are closed and manual advance is where it should be (all the way back). i am thinking either charge coil or cdi. i do not currently have a manual for this motor so i do not know the peramiters i need to meet when testing the electronic components on this motor. thanks for your help

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    hook up a timing light to #1 plug wire to see what the timing is set at.


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      7 deg btdc


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        My C40 TLRX starts at 7 BTDC, but after warming up it drops back to 7 ATDC.
        Timing is Controlled by CDI with input from temperature switch and wiper on CDI

        You need to find a service manual for your motor to have a look at specs to be sure


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          what on what side to tdc is before and after right is before and left is after correct? i am 7 on the right


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            is there a way that i can bypass the temp switch to eliminate that possibility?