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Yamaha top lost!!

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  • Yamaha top lost!!

    I have a 1997 Yamaha outboard on my pontoon model C40PLRV. I cant find a top cowl. said they were on back order from Japan. Does anyone know of any anywhere? I found a Precision Blend top cowl on ebay, but mine did not have a oil fill hole, and has a pull start in front of the cowl, this one on ebay does not is there anyway I can make it work? Or know of alternate top cowls that will work? The correct part # is 6R6-42610-11-4D Top cowl assembly.
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    try discount marine liquidators in Ft pierce fl or marine surplus in stuart fl


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      Or ebay...


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        Franzen Marine in Tampa usually has some, 813-767-8917. Or Don's marine salvage, I actually just saw a 40 there a couple weeks ago, not sure if it had a pull start cut out or not, didn't see the front of it...727-576-8577.
        Good luck!