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Yamaha P65 (3.5 air cooled) no spark.

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  • Yamaha P65 (3.5 air cooled) no spark.

    Just bought a tidy little used P65 that was last used 12 yrs ago but now has no spark. I've checked the obvious, points, plug etc, removed flywheel and all looks nice and clean but no spark!

    I have basic mechanical skills but when it comes to electrics I start crying.

    Engine no. S68154.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    points and condensers are the usual problem.

    A lot of the time just cleaning contacts will bring spark back.

    I always use a burnishing tool for removing the oxidized layer on the contact surfaces, but you can use a fine emery cloth or board but need to make sure you clean residue after wards from contacts and adjust to proper gap.

    It would be a good idea to test condenser if the spark does not come back by then


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      I've cleaned the points but still no spark. I'm assuming just flicking the flywheel by hand would be enough?

      Check the condenser? Ummm.......


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        Need more than flicking flywheel to generate spark, but should be able to feel some voltage(shock) if holding on to plug wire.

        Condenser is just a capacitor, so check with a cap tester


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          I refaced the points good and proper, flicked the flywheel and a nice fat spark happened at the plug.

          Thanks for replies.


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            The hardware store carries a sheet of abrasive paper called Crocus Cloth, it's red and very fine, cut in strips, outstanding for polishing points to a mirror finish. Then cut a business card in strips, spray with carb cleaner and drag between the points to remove any residue! Clean points and spark plugs are very good!