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Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke recoil starter cord replacement

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  • Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke recoil starter cord replacement

    The rope on the recoil starter wouldnt retract and I needed to start it so I cut the rope and the pin fell in the water. How do I put in a new rope and replace the pin (part #6g8 1572700 pin). Cant find any info on this anywhere. Help

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    Its a bit complicated, you have to wined the rope, then carefully wined the spring. (leave the handle off till last) Push the drum throught the housing. Insert gear, bushing then pin. Be sure to wined couple more times before installing handle to create tension. May be worth taking to a dealer or repair shop.
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      I've looked at it and I was hoping there was an easy fix. Way to complicated for me to fix. I can still start it using the rewind on top of the flywheel and will wait till the fishing season slows down. Thanks for the reply.


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        I can tell you from experience that a recoil starter spring or rope replacement can be a greasy, aggravating can be done and I've done them several times but it's one of my least favorite things. Might be worth paying for some professional help when you have the time! Good Luck!