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Square command link system

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  • Square command link system

    Looking for a detail schematic for a twin 4 stroke wiring square command link system Multi Hub 6Y8-81920-01-11.
    I was told that a leak in a cooling water speed/pressure sensor caused a ECM short in one engine that knocked the system down.
    The installed sensor is the new replaced part from a Yamaha tech bulletin which refers to LIT-18514-00-05 chapter3 which is in a 2008 engine manual.

    Unfortunately I have 2006 engines and manual that was repaired before Yamaha released the bulletin.

    The engines run fine without the command link gauges working.

    Appreciate and thanks for any help.

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    may have a damaged ECU.
    yes the old style water and speed sensors could leak and take out the engine wiring harness and ECU.
    it would actually push water up the wiring harness into the ecu pins.
    when that happens a harness,and ecu replacement is usually the fix.