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1999 s250 turx - alarm

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  • 1999 s250 turx - alarm

    I need help. Bought a rebuilt motor and am having issues. Oil would not pump from main tank to engine, was told most likely the wire harness(13yrs old). Replaced the harness from tank to engine - no help. Looked at the forum and found to test remote tank pump motor, tested it and it was working fine.
    Went to engine oil tank and found that the level guage had wire ties holding the floats in the up position! Took off wire ties and cleaned out remote tank. Removed all the oil in remote tank and turned the key on and the alarm went on and the tank started to fill up, it got to the first level(hash mark) and still continued to fill all the way to the top hash mark and stopped, but the alarm still stayed on?? I was told to turn off key and wait 15 sec for unit to reset did that and the alarm still came on when I turned the key on.
    What can I do next? Could a bad float switch cause the alarm to go continuously?? Key switch?? Help!!

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    Have you seen the troubleshooting chart for oil?

    oil module maybe
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      1999 S250 turx alarm

      thanks for the comeback.
      Where is the oil module located and what does it look like.I looked at the oil problem guide and got confused. My oil pump in the tank works and fills the remote tank on the engine. The remote switch works to fill manually.
      1. Why would someone tie the oil level guage floats to the up position and not let them float normally??
      2. If the engine is off but the key is on and the alarm sounds what does that mean?
      3. Would a bad oil level guage cause the alarm to go off?

      Thanks again


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        Anyone with some help on this issue would be appreciated...thanks.


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          your float sender on the engine has 2 functions,,it gives signal to the remote tank pump to fill up till the upper mark on the has a sender in it for the alarm,this is when the oillevel in the tank goes under the 1st mark.

          now,in the remote oiltank there is also a floatsender. if this sender "sees" the remote oiltank empty,it will sound alarm even if the the remote tank is full.
          its definitely that the float sensor in the remote oiltank or the engine oiltank is bad or sticking.
          I had this issue on my HPDI engine..I took the oilsender from the engine oiltank and tapped it lighty..this made it work normally has a magnet style switch inside the copper sending tube.sometimes they stick.dont tap to hard!
          good luck,


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            thanks BMB
            should I do the same thing to the remote tank sender if it does not work on the engine tank? Do you think that it is why they used tie wraps to hold up the floats in the sender because it is bad?
            Why does the alarm go off even when the just the key is turned on but engine isnt running?
            Thanks so much


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              test the float switches to see if they are functioning properly.
              Your service manual should have the info in it to test them.

              The switches send info to oil module, if switches are working OK then your module or wiring maybe the the problem


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                some of the above information is not quite correct.
                the engine tank switch has 3 positions.
                sw1,float up, commands transfer pump off,sw2 float at midpoint,commands pump on, sw3,float at bottom commands pump on,again, and sets the audible,visual and RPM reductions.
                the ONLY alarm function of SWB ( remote tank switch) is the illumination of the center bar or yellow lamp.
                NO audibles.
                look at the tach to determine which alarm is set.