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my throttle wont shift out of low on my precision blend 40hp

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  • my throttle wont shift out of low on my precision blend 40hp

    i just recently cleaned all carbs and lines and got my engine running. and it sounds to be running good but when i switch the engine into high gear it just stays in low and the throttle arm bar doesnt move at all. there is a black electric
    box right next to the rod that appears to be what controls it, any ideas what may be keeping my boat from shifting into high gear? thanks ,
    new boat owner darin.

    you see the throttle arm rest againt the black arm from the electric box above? when i shift into high from low it does nothing. maybe my console hand shifter is going bad or else its in slow mode and im not gettting enough water in with water ears on it. but when i take it out it still wont shift up. could this be my engine is in slow mode? i just recently inherited it and it sat for five years. was running fine last time out five years ago.

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    there is no high and low gear, there is forward and neutral and reverse, it is common that the equipment will not achieve WOT in reverse only forward, that box is your ECM and controls timing, you probably do not have it put back together correctly, if your controls are in neutral and idle in the picture the pointer is not in the correct position.


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      thanks for the help, i didnt mess with the box but a friend was looking at it and he may have moved with out me seeing him do it. shucks... so how do i know when its in the right position?
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        Yamaha service manual for your motor will show how to set all of the linkage which needs to be done every time you reinstall the carbs
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          thanks alot! ..under which sectionin the index would the linkage set up be under? i do have a manual


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            think i found it. ok ill give it a shot. but im wait till i get on the lake before i try to get it out of neutral again, im afriad to mess the engine up with water ears on it. thanks everyone for helping me out with this