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Lost propeller on to get the "right" replacement

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  • Lost propeller on to get the "right" replacement

    Hello to all....

    I lost the propeller on my 30 hp Yamaha outboard motor on the river yesterday. ***, was that ever a "heart attack-starter".
    My question is how do I order a new propeller online or find out "what" size/pitch etc...
    Also, what would make the motor run a little faster without tearing up my motor later on?
    I'm new to this....any detail information would be great. I've never replaced a prop before...but, I thing I can do it with the right directions.
    Here is the of my motor:
    Model 30ELG...CODE 6J8L...SER#453743

    Hey, thanks for your time if you answer this...

    Retired Army Grunt...."WHO-A"

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    Propellers are mostly trial and error. You need to have a starting point. Then you can work from there. For overall performance you want to get as close to the rpm limit with out going over. For every 1 pitch down you will gain 200-300 rpms and visa-versa.
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      Maybe find a motor just like yours, at a dealer or marina, etc....ask to check pitch and diameter on their prop...try one like it. A boat shop/dealer should be willing and able to guide you on this, especially if they get to sell you a new/used prop! Good Luck!


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        hey...thanks for your time


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          Performance Bulletins | Yamaha Outboards

          See if you can find a set up like yours on this site to see what prop they used and how it performed