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Brand new 250 sho low rpms

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  • Brand new 250 sho low rpms

    Just bought a new 250 Sho. Motor is not sputtering or missing at all but the last time I went out I only got my RPMS up to around 5000. Prior to that the RPMS were higher but i don't think i ever got them up to WOT range. motor only has 12 hours on it. Dealership is working on it for me but i was just curious as to what might cause this issue, i was thinking maybe a fuel injection issue? Oil level was full to the top line but not above so i don't think its "making oil" but i could be wrong.

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    How long have you let it sit at a time might be bad fuel .
    what kind of fuel have you been using and did you treat all of it every time?

    You did not give much info on anything


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      I have had the boat and motor for about 1 month now and gone out about 7 times. It never sat up for longer than a week and a half. I have used yamaha fuel treatment that i was given at the dealer ship. I have put premium gas in it every fill up but once i used regular. The first time i went out i was told by the dealership to fill entire tank up with premium gas and pour the entire bottle of yamaha full treatment in the tank since it was an "80 gallon" tank and the bottle treats about 90 gallons. come to find out its only 60 gallon tank on my boat. so when i added more fuel after my first two trips out i didn't add more treatment worried i had put too much. I have added fuel treatment about one or two other times i added gas but the last two times i went to gas station i did not use it. Last time i put gas in i used premium.


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        Well it does not sound like bad fuel, but you can never tell for sure. Mat have something that has been sitting in the tank and plugging filters.

        Ethanol fuel is what I was asking about

        Computer should tell them what is going on if it is a sensor problem or if fuel restriction

        Let us know what you find out


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          Will do thanks for the replies


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            no need for premium, 89 octane is the required fuel.
            yes filter or fuel line restrictions will drop RPM but it will also drop rail pressure and is easy to find.