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c90tlrz problems

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  • c90tlrz problems

    I have a 2000 yamaha 90hp model c90tlrz on a skeeter sx170. All was working until i got to boat ramp. I raised and lowered motor with tilt/trim to prep for launch. Backed boat in, primed for start and turned key. The motor turned over breifly then I got nothing from the ignition. So I pulled boat out and went to raise it and had no more tilt/trim either. Checked all fuses which were good checked all battery levels and all good too. Took boat home and put it on charger to double check batteries which confirmed they were good to go. I left alone for a couple hours and went back out to see if I could find anything and my tilt/trim was somehow working again so I thought all was good. A few days later I went to the lake and same thing, all worked until i got the boat in the water and turned the ignition to start it and then absolutely nothing again. Its still sitting not doing anything now after a week. Tilt/trim at bow causes a clicking up and down at motor. All gauges, bilge, livewells etc all working. At the console no tilt/trim from shifter, nothing happens no clicks nothing. Nothing happens when turning the key. Doesnt turn over no noises of any kind. With that Im lead to believe its an electrical issue between the console/shifter control to the motor but I have not been able to locate good diagrams to guide me through from front to back. any and all help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. This is my first boat so im really lost and cant wait to get back on the water.

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    Load test the batteries, any auto sore can do it.

    check and clean all battery cable connections from batteries to the motor.

    Take voltage drop measurements at different points to make sure cables and connections are good, do this under load( while turning key to start)


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      Ok thanks, Ill go through all that this afternoon and see what i come up with.


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        Also double and triple check the connections on the battery, if you are using wing nuts then toss them away and use nuts with lock washers. I had the same issue with my main battery two months ago.
        I got a boat now "bout time" took me 50 years to do so


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          thanks guys! i got it working right today. it was the cables. i cleaned them several times without success but before i took it all apart i wanted to make sure it wasnt those connections so i used a metal polish brush wheel on them all and it worked once i put back together. it does have wing nuts which i plan on changing out like you said with nuts and lock washers asap. thanks again, really appreciate it!