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    Hi.. Just signed on to this forum. not sure how it works.. I bought 2 2000 F100 Yamahas this spring. One had a rod through the block and the other ran good. It however, as i found out latter, had 50 psi on one cylinder.. I have it torn down waiting for parts now. the intake valves on the #4 cylinder were not closing all the way. After seeing what's inside of these, and how they are built, I'm wondering how many hours these motors were built to last. They seem to be about 10 years and than off to the dump. What's the going opinion on these?

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    Not sure why anyone would buy broke motors and then question the way they hold up,
    but as with any motor they will hold up well as long as you keep up with preventative maintenance like Yamaha recommends and address any issues as they come up instead of running until something breaks

    To bend valves the cam timing had to be off or something when through the motor is my thoughts.
    Strange it is only one cylinder
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      Take a look at this, Reliability | Yamaha Outboards
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        I've run Yamaha Outboards for 25+ years and can attest to their quality and dependability. If you can maintain clean, fresh gas and do normal preventive maintenance, then you can expect the motors to run for decades. My present motor is a 1999 Yamaha 90C and it runs just like a new one, all the time, every time. I believe all outboard owners/operators should get a manual for their specific motor and try to educate themselves on "what it takes to make this motor run". These forums also are a great, interesting and fun way to learn about outboards. I'm a long way from being an outboard mechanic or techniciam, but I do know what it takes to make one run dependably. Sorry for your motor problems but hope you can get them worked out.


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          this sort of thing comes up all the time, for an avaerage user, you will certainly never wear an outboard motor out, something will kill it long before it wears, like a dud water pump or some bad fuel, and in the long run, corrosion/rust will get to it before it wears out, or in your case, a 'rod through the block" or a broken timing belt, with proper care, your motor will live a long and healthy life! regardless of the brand or operating principal (2 or 4 stroke)