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2007 F150 NMEA output questions

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  • 2007 F150 NMEA output questions

    I'm new to this forum, and was directed here from another owners group focused on Seaswirl striper boats (

    I have been using the Lowrance NMEA interface for my Yamaha F150 for a few years, it's pretty cool. This spring I upgraded my electronics to a Lowrance HDS 10 and I now have more options when it comes to viewing engine data.

    Does Yamaha, or anyone here have a complete list of the engine parameters that are output via NMEA, and what the limits are for those values on my engine?

    For example. I see oil pressure and temperature. Those are pretty clear as far as what they are measuring, but I'm not sure what the upper and lower oil pressure values should be for the F150.

    Similarly, I see boost listed as one of the measurable outputs. I know my F150 isn't super charged, so i'm wondering what "boost" is measuring.

    Any guidance here would be great!


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    Don't have a list, would need to get service manual and compile a list. Can get manuals at YAMAHA MANUAL STORE
    Boost would not pertain to your engine.
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