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Hydrofoil - do they work? Pros & Cons?

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  • Hydrofoil - do they work? Pros & Cons?

    Like the subject line says - do Hydrofoils work? Do they actually get you on plane 50% faster and save fuel as they claim?

    Are there any adverse effects of using / installing one?

    I have a Yamaha 70HP and if it actually does what it claims with no adverse effects it just might be worth installing

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    I have one on my 70 HP and it absolutely works as claimed. I will never run another boat without one.


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      I removed mine, I run a 16ft open whaler and unless the load was distributed exactly even, then the boat would want to turn to the heavier side when on plane. Once I removed them, weight distribution was no longer an issue.


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        I have had them on several boats and I never installed one until I had run the boat enough to be able to recognize the effect. In all cases I was pleased with the results including my brand new Skeeter with a Yamaha F150. But don't let the ads get to your head - yes, they help out of the hole and I experienced getting on plane significantly faster - 50%? I don't know but that is not important - I was satisfied with the improvement and that is what is important. Save on fuel? I guess in theory if a boat gets on plane faster and runs better on plane, then it will save fuel but I have never kept track of that and I am not sure many boaters really do. Don't try to pay for fuel with the savings provided by a hydrofoil.

        About the only time I have heard people say that they were dissatisfied was when the boat was under powered anyway - that is hard to overcome. I guess there could be some boats, perhaps bumper food's boat, that are sensitive to weight and balance and the hydrofoil could dig in and cause a turning tendency but I would think that the boat would lean anyway and with all small boats in all cases the boater should pay attention to weight distribution.

        This also brings up a point - larger boats would benefit more with trim tabs than a hydrofoil - how large? My 26' Aquasport cuddy performed way better with trim tabs especially when I could not keep two 200 lb passengers from moving to one side of the boat while underway, grrr.

        Good luck.


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          All good responses and thanks for chiming in. Here is one for the group - I have a Starcraft V170 - its a 17' Aluminum hull bass boat. Its got a 70HP Yamaha on I have enough motor? My 16' Skeeter had and 85HP Merc on it and it was no speed demon but servicable. I figure that my 70HP on an aluminum hull will be similar in comparison if not a little stronger/faster.


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            I'll throw in my 2c here.. I had a 15 ft fibreglass cabin boat, with a 70hp on the back.

            I got a hydrofoil, and then raised the motor. The hydrofoil helped get the boat on the plane faster and easier, especially with weight onboard. Also by then raising the motor, the hydrofoil was effectively out of the water once on the plane, so no increase in drag (actually a decrease due to raising motor). All of which resulted in me being able to increase the pitch of my prop, which further improved performance and economy! So I would highly recommend them on small/midsize boats with lowish power. (set up right)

            However, if your motor is set up low on transom, (cav plate under hull line) I would hazard a guess that the increased drag etc, would help with getting on plane, and trim control, but would lower top speed, and probably lose fuel economy on the plane.
            1997 Yamaha 225hp Saltwater Series II.
            From Auckland, New Zealand


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              If you are struggling to get on plane, a hydrofoil should help. I have a Pathfinder 1900v w a F115 on with more than 2 people at the console it struggles to get on plane. It will, but it's slow. I installed a SE Sport 300 it it made a big difference in planing. I didn't lose any top end speed and it was very easy to install. Get the no drill clip!.


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                raising the motor as high as possible will stop any potential drag from the fin. they work good, trim tabs better