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2001 YAMAHA F115 four-stroke stalling when applying power or coming off power

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  • 2001 YAMAHA F115 four-stroke stalling when applying power or coming off power

    I have a stalling 2001 YAMAHA F115 four-stroke. It stalls as the throttle is applied just after you have put it in gear. It also stalls when you quickly come down in RPM's. (i.e. cutting power down rapidly when approaching the dock.) I saw a similar forum discussion on this site between users High Sierra and rodbolt17, but can no longer access that thread. I am a reasonably good mechanic, but I do not have a great deal of experience with outboards. Could this be a user serviceable issue which I could address myself?

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    May be the idle control valve, may need to be cleaned or replaced, run a compression test first.
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      Thank you. I'll look into this.


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        your going to need a laptop and some knowledge of a speed density EFI system.
        typically its going to be an ISC issue or a link and sync issue.


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          Roger that. I will take this info to the Yamaha master tech I locate. Hopefully, this will point them in the right direction in diagnosing my engine's issues.


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            Solution found!

            It turned out to be multiple things combined to resolve the stalling issues. We took it to Happy Days Marina in Port Clinton, OH. Tim, Brad and their "Yamaha Rep" (I did not find out his name) there did a fine job diagnosing and repairing the engine.
            1. Replaced Throttle Positioning Sensor
            2. Replaced stuck open thermostat
            3. Cleaned and de-carbonized the engine & fuel injectors
            4. Changed oil & oil filter
            5. Replaced all 4 spark plugs
            6. Tuned, sync & balance
            7. At the Yamaha Rep's recommendation, we replaced the prop with the "correct" prop which allows the engine to achieve the proper RPM's at Full Open Throttle.

            $741 and a couple weeks later,... we have a properly working engine that does NOT stall at idle anymore; and pushes my 21' center console Sea Fox-Bayfisher above 40 mph. (old max was about 30-35 mph) Big difference! I am very pleased with the results!


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              May Iask what prop the rep recommended. I run a 20' Maycraft w/ 150


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                Which prop?

                I'll check my service documents and reply back later this evening.


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                  It may help others if you post what your old prop was and the new