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vmax hdpi low water lower unit SHOT!!!

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  • vmax hdpi low water lower unit SHOT!!!

    Hey yall! I have a yamaha 250 hdpi vmax with a low water lower unit. One of the gears has sheared off its teeth, to my assumption. I was wondering if there was a breakdown floating around with part numbers and specs so that I can weigh the cost diff between rebuilding it or replacing it. A new one is going to cost me @ 2500 bux. None of the local dealers around me will even touch it. So, I am left to fix this myself. I have rebuilt several mercs in the past, I just dont have any specs as far as if any bolts are lh threads, tolerances and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If a new one is $2500, then a used or rebuilt one might be a good bit less, maybe 1/2...maybe shop around and see if you can find one. Just the parts for you to rebuild yours is going to be expensive....just a thought. Good Luck!


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      buy a service manual.
      gonna need a few shimming tools as well.
      GM sells a gear marking paste that works well for checking tooth contact pattern.


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        might think about after market lower unit also