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F115 shift position switch function

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  • F115 shift position switch function

    REcently had a Yamaha mechanic over to the house to do some fine tune adjustments, His diags showed a bad shift position switch, which sits in the lower cowling next to the throttle cable connection. He said it could throw the computer signals off when idling and running in n out of gear.

    He also said it should be changed out before we do the fine tuning.. it didn't seem to to change anything at any idle speed when he pressed it manually. It seemed to ohm out properly. Can this switch be cleaned out? What is its function? and could it really cause a computer error while running?.

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    simply tells the ECU whether its in gear or not.
    its common to see that code, typically it means that someone reved the engine in N.
    if the switch tests ok why not then check the wiring to the ECU?


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      6 years later update that switch settled my idle rpm to normal and boat accelerated better without grumbling