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2003 150 TXRB Oil Tank Assembly Overfilling

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  • 2003 150 TXRB Oil Tank Assembly Overfilling

    I have an intermittent problem where the remote oil tank pump does not shut off overfilling the oil tank assembly. Oil presses out from the oil level gauge assembly cap and creates a big mess.

    Replaced the oil level gauge assembly thinking that is simply wasn't floating/sensing the oil level after 7 years of use.

    That did not solve it. Took it to local marine mechanic who was unable to diagnose and repair. He did not want to simply swap parts; to his credit, but was not any help in the end.

    Any suggestions on next steps.

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    Do a forum search for that problem, seems like Rodbolt17 has answered that before.
    Maybe low voltage, bad wiring, bad oil modual


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      Sorry, can't understand why you would replace the gauge assembly. Think you need to test the engine side float switch. Up open, down closed.
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        I have the same motor and its doing the same thing I also just replaced the float switch with no luck! !!! Did you find out the problem any help would be great! !!


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          it may be as simple as wrong orientation of float switch on engine mounted oil tank. very common.