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05' 90HP 2 STROKE Problems

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  • 05' 90HP 2 STROKE Problems

    Idles rough, push into FWD gear and will not go above 1400rpm Stalls out when returned to neutral position, thought it was the fuel, drained & Cleaned carbs, drained some fuel from tank to check for water (None), removed bulkhead fuel filter/water separator and cleaned. Replaced the plugs, seems like cylinder 1 is not firing, pulled #1 plug wire and restarted runs the same as before, replaced #1 wire and pulled #2 restarted and runs worse, replace #2 wire and pulled #3 and runs the same as when #2 was pulled, could a coil have gone bad?

    Thx for any assistance......


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    replace plugs
    do you have removable plug caps ? swap and run and see if no spark changes location
    swap coil locations
    run on aux tank hose and ball with fresh gas and repost results


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      Check your fuel pump for possible leaking diaphragm causing raw fuel to get sucked into that cylinder. Check that cylinder for wet, fuel-fouled plug. Good Luck!


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        New plugs ----- done
        Will do the coil swap tomorrow & let you know....



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          I had to go through the carbs on our 90 tlr three times. Couldn't idle to save it's life and adjusting just complicated everything. The pilot jets were clogged and the fuel enrichment pump was miss assembled by the orangutan at the prior owner's marina. A brass wire through the jets, carb cleaner and compressed air from both ends of the passages got us underway.

          My guess is blasted ethanol. If your hoses etc. are like mine or more than five years old, I suggest replacing all from tank to carbs. Your cleaning may be making way for the next load of crud.

          BTW, these outboards are made for the guy who needs to make money with them. Near every repair need only simple hand tools and adjustments are made from markings on the block. If you don't have one, I suggest the service manual available from Yamaha's site.

          Good luck and keep us posted.