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The overheat buzzer on ox66 250 came back!!

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  • The overheat buzzer on ox66 250 came back!!

    I have had a problem with the dreaded overheat buzzer on my 2000 ox66 250.
    At the beginning it would only intermittently active at low speed, but then it started doing it at high speed too. Shutdown and restart would clear the alarm, but it would then come back once I get to a higher RPM.

    To address this, I recently changed the thermosensor and my water pump. I ran the thing at a good rpm for about an hour without alarm convinced I had solved the issue. However after hitting a good size wave it came back!!!.

    After it came back i suffered the same issues as before the part swapout whereupon restart cleared alarm, and would come back once I got up to a decent RPM. The motor seems to be running good, and the pissing water, and the piss water does not seem to be too hot.

    I have seen threads where others are suffering the same faith even after waterpump change, and wondering if I should be looking at oil sensor now because it was weird that it activitated after a good jolt from a wave.

    Summer is closing fast here in new england, and would love to resolve before season end.

    thanks for any guidance.

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    digital or analog gauges? what warning ?
    whats the oil level @ main tank when the alarm goes off ??
    have you changed waterpump and housing?
    PRV ?
    oil filter @ remote tank ?
    if not you should


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      buzzer is back

      I changed the water pump and thermosensor
      the buzzer is in the controller
      digital gauges, but defective due to water damage
      what is PRV?

      I suspect oil level issues due to its return upon a big wave shock.



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        PRV= pressure relief valve
        thermosensor or switches and thermostats are easily tested in a pot of water as you heat it to see it they work properly without having to replace them

        Maybe a infra red gun will show it the motor is getting too hot
        Could be wiring problem also

        But have you looked at the oil level when alarm is going off?