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  • Overheated?

    I took my 8 horse yamaha out and don't know exactly when this happened but looked back and tell tale was just dripping and then stopped I continued to use it for another minute it started to drip again. It never ran funny on the way back to the truck which was only a hundred yards off. I got it fixed and it now sprays water but it idles rough in neutral and wont idle when i put it in drive. It idled fine the last time i had it out. Did i do damage and if so would it be expensive to fix?

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    also it runs fine at higher speeds but since it wont idle in drive it makes it hard to troll
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      How do you know it's overheated?

      I doubt it, maybe you have debry plugging up block or thermostat. Clean out thermo area, get piece of plastic tubing kind you get with wd40. Poke area where water pee's out might have junk in there. Have you looked at water impeller yet. You said you fixed it but did not mention your fix lol.


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        I just brought it to the shop and had them do the repair. As far as I know you should get a new impellar almost yearly so i had him clean out the debris and put a new impellar in. Does the idle just need adjusted?