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2000 F80TLRY engine dies when warm

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  • 2000 F80TLRY engine dies when warm

    I've got a 2000 F80TLRY that has been great up until recent. It starts fine and runs great for a period of time but on the last two outings it has died at WOT and been very hard to start after that. It doesn't sputter or decrease in RPMs, it just dies. I pumped the gas tank out, put in non-ethanol fuel, changed the water fuel separator and the inline filter. It doesn' seem to be a water issue.

    Could this be an intermittant electrical issue or should I be looking at the carbs? The way it dies and how great it runs when its not dead has me thinking its not a fuel thing.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Is there a way to start eliminating possible causes?