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Oil Pump Problems for 1992 2 Stroke

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  • Oil Pump Problems for 1992 2 Stroke

    I have a 1992 150TXRQ outboard and itís a two stroke. For the last year or so Iíve had problems with my oil reservoir, float, and pump assembly. The reservoir in the engine will not stop filling up. It has a min and a max level, but it goes beyond that and I can hear the oil pump still pumping away. I just replaced the oil float in the reservoir (again ) thinking it would stop but it still fills up above the max line up to the vent line. When I take out the float I get the low level alarm and when I flip it upside down it shuts off but why is it filling up too much in the reservoir? And how can I resolve the situation without mixing my gas and oil myself?
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    Oil tank transfer

    I had a simular problem with one of my 200 hp yamahas this week. Search "oil transfer" on this site and there several suggestions on how to trouble shoot the system. Rodbolt has a nice post on how the automatic oil transfer works. Make sure the connection to the ECU is good. My problem was a bad connection at the ECU and the oil tank in the bildge. Had all the alarms and lights going off and thought the worst. Reseated the plug at the ECU and the connection at the oil tank and problem went away.


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      I don't know if my system is the same as yours but my 1986 115 did what you have described. It was the oil control module.