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Yamaha 30 hp runs intermittently after winter

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  • Yamaha 30 hp runs intermittently after winter

    My 2000 Yamaha 30 outboard starts fine when cold, runs great for 5 minutes, then quits intermittently.

    Restart is difficult, even after cooling for awhile.. if I can restart it, playing with the choke +/- seems to keep it running a bit longer, then it dies. It
    doesn't rev above idle, and lasts from 5-30 seconds before quitting.

    I bought the engine at the end of last season after it was supposed to be tuned and winterized. The previous owner claimed it was working fine.

    I changed the fuel primer bulb/line, it all looks tight, and put in fresh gas..
    any suggestions??

    Thanks Tom

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    break out the manual and tools and start testing.
    Compression, spark, timing, If all that is good then start on the fuel side.
    fuel pressure /vacuum.

    Did you drain the tank, lines and carbs of old fuel before putting in fresh?

    Probably time to pull carbs and go through them