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Yamaha F50 - Command Link Protocol (NMEA 2000?)

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  • Yamaha F50 - Command Link Protocol (NMEA 2000?)

    I have been messing around trying to display the Yamaha F50 engine data (normally displayed on the Multifunction Gauge) on my Iphone. So I have an interface consisting of the Actisense NGT NMEA to RS232 connected into a spare port on my Command Link Hub. On the end of the R232 I have a serialio WISNAP adapter that transmits the data over an Ad Hoc Wifi.

    So, I plugged all this up, set up my iphone to listen to the TCP IP port and my Iphone started to receive data. So far, so good.

    Now I start to look at that data it looks 'non random' but nothing like NMEA 2000 sentences. It seems like the NMEA sentence structure is not public domain, but there some web sites with listings. What I don't find is any sentence description for Engine data, and I start to think maybe this is not part of the standard and Yamaha have their own data protocol that is transmitted over NMEA 2000 and used by Garmin etc in their GPS units.

    Is this correct?

    If so, is there documentation for the data structure Yamaha Engines are sending?

    If I am not correct, and there is a NMEA standard sentence for engine data, where do I find that?


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    I haven't seen that information listed in any of the manuals, you can call Yamaha and ask them.
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