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f100 intermitent Starting and PTT problems.

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  • f100 intermitent Starting and PTT problems.

    Hello everyone, hopefully someone can help me with my latest problem. It started last week when I ran the engines turn it off and then tilted the engine up so that i could check and fill the hyraulic fluid on the Power Trim and Tilt. After raising the motor, the tilt switch at the motor would not work. So i tried from the throtlle with no avail. I checked the batteries, and cleaned the terminals. still would not work. tried starting the engine and it would not start either. i began trouble shooting, checking fuses looking for loose or corroded wires. everything looked okay. I then started checking voltage at the starter, and the relays. all were around 12.3v to 12.5v. i then tested the relays to make sure they would change state when energized. They were also okay. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this problem could be?

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    Thank you for the help. I replaced the battery and cleaned the cable connections. I also checked the leads from battery to starter and cleaned them. The same problem occured. checked the four fuses near the CDI unit, and the one near the battery. All had continuity. Before I swapped the battery I was able to start the engine and let it run for a while. While at idle speed i was able to trim up and down, but once i throttled up the trim would not respond. When i turned the engine off it would not start again and it would not rim up or down. It still would not start after the new battery swap. This morning before i headed off to work i was able to start the engine again. Any new thoughts?


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      Unfortunately... this your problems sound exactly like the ones I'm having with my brand new F40LA. The boat, motor & battery are 2010 model years and we purchased them three weeks ago from a dealer that was going out of Business. Like you I checked all the battery connections, fuses in line and under cowling to no avail. Funny thing was after washing the boat and letting every thing sit and cool down it all suddenly started working again? The dealership we purchased the rig from is gone now I'm waiting for my warrantee card from Yamaha to get it looked it? I will let you know what they tell me when they do.


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        The problem turned out to be a broken wire in the main wiring harness from the ignition switch to the motor. It was makes intermitten connections then cutting out whenever the harness was in a certain position.


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          sounds about right. Thanks for the update and your help.