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Yamaha 200hp TXRV Tach/Fuel Management Question

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  • Yamaha 200hp TXRV Tach/Fuel Management Question

    Does anyone know if how to tell if a used Yamaha Tach will work with older power? I own a 200HP S200TXRV Saltwater Series and my Multi Tach finally stopped working. I would like to buy one used off ebay to save a few bucks but am not sure how to validate if i can use the models that I find.
    Would also like to find out if I could adopt a fuel management system for this older engine.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    Tach/ Fuel Management

    Hi Connor1,

    The fuel management gauge will work with any motor, all you need is the sending unit that goes in line with your fuel line after your filter. Depending on when you need the gauge I may have one available for sale (and I have a line on an inexpensive sender unit)

    As for the Tack there is either the pre 2005 or post 2005 version, either will work you just need to get an adapter cable if the new Tach is not matched with the engine you have. I have info on the adapter cables should you need them.

    The biggest difference with the Tach's is a single 4-plug connector VS dual 4 plug connectors on the older Tach's.

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