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Oil Change on 2 Stroke?

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  • Oil Change on 2 Stroke?

    Ok so this is probably a dumb question but I recently bought a '68 Whaler with a 90ETLK and I don't have all of the documentation I'd like regarding the engine's maintenance history.

    I'm wondering if I should change the oil? Is this typical procedure for marine 2 strokes or not so much?

    This is all brought on by the fact that I've had trouble starting the engine. At first it was the batteries and now I'm on to spark plugs, carbs, etc. which made me wonder about the oil. Don't get me wrong here, the motor runs, I'm just getting some kinks out I hope.


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    Changing lower unit oil is a regular maintenance item on all out boards. but that would not effect the starting.
    Fuel pump and carbs are the most likely problem along with the fuel itself going bad or getting water in it.

    If you were talking about the 2 stroke oil that mixes with the gas and you have a oil injected motor then there is some maintenance the needs to done on the system. A Yamaha service manual will give you the steps to do that


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      A two stroke motor gets its lubrication from the oil mixed with the fuel ( either manually or automatically with an oil injected model) which means it doesnt get an "oil bath" like you would find on a four stroke motor.

      If you are talking about the oil in the gearcase itself then its always a good idea to change this at a minimum once a year and check for water in the oil.

      If you live somewhere where the boat is going to be stored for the winter months than changing the gear oil should be part of your annual winterizing procedure... for the cost to do it yourself ( less than $10.00 in product) you should do it if you dont know when it was last done.