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2003 50 TLRB won't cold start

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  • 2003 50 TLRB won't cold start

    But it will start easily if the little red (Emergency Fuel Enrichment" lever is used and will start again when lever is returned to normal. I've changed the "Prime Starter Asm". Apparently there is no "choke" on this model. For years I've been holding in the key "choke" when starting thinking that was the way to choke it. Also there is a small connector that was disconnected. It sounds the alarm when connected. There are olny 2-3 wires in it. I don't think that's related to the starting problem since it's been starting, but maybe one of you experts know more. I plan to replace the fuel filter and check the fuel pump, but would it start at all if there was a problem with them? Does that leave only the carb as a possibility? Thanks for any help.

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    Is this motor a oil injected or pre mix one?

    It sounds like someone removed the auto oiler maybe, or the oil level switch is broke. If that is what you are plugging back in and getting the alarm.
    Would not hurt to check the temperature alarm to make sure it functions properly

    If it will start with red lever in emergency then I would say you need to pull and clean the carbs. Make sure you Follow the manual for the link and sync after putting them back on

    Sounds like you need to pick up a Yamaha service manual for that motor and start troubleshooting the systems.