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2001 T50 won't idle

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  • 2001 T50 won't idle

    I have a 2001 T50TLRZ that was running perfect end of February. Let it sit for about 5 months. Took it out last weekend and it wouldn't idle and would only run about 3100 RPM. Came home and did the following:
    - Drained fuel tank
    - New water fuel seperator filter
    - Broke down each carb and cleaned with Gumout spray. Were not crusty, more like stains
    - New Plugs
    Still runs rough/won't idle. Traced it to cyclinder 2. Have spark and switched coils to see if problem would follow in case of weak spark. Cyclinder 2 is still not firing and plug is dry.
    Took carb apart again, soaked in carb cleaner solution in the gallon can, the mean stuff dont rememeber the name, for 25 min. Washed, blew out with compressed air put back together. Same issue still.

    Any ideas/suggestions. I'm out....


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    Probably need to have carbs synchronized, each time they are remove they should be synced.
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      Does syncing the carbs need a special tool or just the manual and some brains?