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2009 -6hp Won't Idle after full speed

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  • 2009 -6hp Won't Idle after full speed

    I hope that someone here can help with this. We have a '09 6hp Model # 6MSHG. Purchased at end of season in '08. This motor has been in the shop more times then on the boat(or at least equal).

    If I start the engine and idle around the lake, it will run till the tank is empty. As soon as I go to full throttle to get around the lake and then slow back down to troll, it will not idle. Runs rough, then stalls and very hard to start again. When I pull the plug it is very rich(ie. looks like oil on it). Even if I change plug at this time, it is still very hard to start. It takes a lot of pulling and fiddling around with the throttle to keep the engine running after it stops.

    Have changed gas twice, used oil mixture done by the Yamaha shop, changed gas tank, changed plugs.

    I am not sure what to do next. Finally splurged on new motor and my 1990 vintage 9.9 runs way better.


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    Sounds like it's time for your dealer to get Yamaha involved, they need to call Yamaha.
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      Thanks for your input. I brought it in and they were gonna try the coil??? after that I'm freaking out..

      I took my fathers old circa '80 Yamaha 9.9 out this weekend.. never ran yet this year.. last years gas.. and low and behold it ran like a charm.. guess the new one is a dud..