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Choke ? 1999 40 hp

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  • Choke ? 1999 40 hp

    How is the choke suppose to function on a 1999 40 hp? Should you here the solenoid click when you push in the key with it switched on, but not in the crank position? Does the engine increase RPM's automaticlly when it starts and then slow down on its own?

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    My 1999 C40TLRX does not have a choke, it has the Prime Start fuel enrichment system. Not sure about your motor because you did not give the model #, but more than likly it is the same.
    Do a forum search on it and read up on how it works.
    Pushing key does nothing
    Yes the system advances the timing at start and once warmed up drops back to normal timing and RPM


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      Choke Key

      Helpfull information, Thanks. My engine is a C40TLRY. Does pushing the key in ever do anything. Should you be able to push the key in and choke/flood the engine down.

      There must have been engine models that pushing the key was a choked method if not "Prime Start"?
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        If it is a prime start the switch does nothing.
        Yes there are ones that have chokes but they just use the same key switches on all of them