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Ok, I finally fixed it!

I got to thinking about checking the harness before I replace it. So I used the Fluke meter set to Ohms (I think) to check to see if the harness wires were broken anywhere.

I hooked one lead to the purple wire under the console and the other lead to the end connector right before the wheel assembly. It went from O/L to zeros and beeped, so that wire was good.

I did this for the orange wire and it was good.

The black (ground) turned out to be bad.

In the above pic, you can see the part of the harness that plugs into the wheel assembly at the back of the boat. Top connector with the green tape is what is being used. The second harness with the red tape is for a second motor. The other wires are for the water fuel separator and is an option that is not being used on the boat.

The ground wire coming off the top harness to the bottom connector turned out to be bad in a section right where it bends.

I hooked one lead to the top connector and started probing the wire from the bottom connector back, until the Fluke went to zeros and started beeping.

It ended up being right up past that bend in it. So I cut the wire there to discover the wire inside was powder as you can see in the below pic.

So I then worked my way an inch at a time towards the to connector, stripping it each time until I got to good solid wire, which was still black and not copper looking.
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