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Originally Posted by zenoahphobic View Post
It has been said before.
Why, when the pump looks very similar or the same on many models are there variations on the bits used?
Many people have water pump issues/confusion.
Yamaha should have stuck to the one setup, other OB don't seem to be as problematic.
Yamaha never met a part it did not like to change. Gives the engineers something to do I suppose.

If three parts are needed to do a job then Yamaha will use five. Or more.

Is this the Yamaha way or is this Japanese way of doing stuff? I don't know.

Might be the Japanese way. I read that industry in Japan wanted to get some military/aerospace contract work but the quality of their data (see Yamaha as a prime example) is so poor that companies outside of Japan were not interested. People don't want to buy stuff if there is nil support to service it or maintain it.
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