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Originally Posted by TownsendsFJR1300 View Post
I don't remember seeing that much water come out of there... Perhaps the seal for the water tube moved.

Here's a short video of mine on muffs, no water from there(F150):

As for grease on the bolts, if used in salt water, out resident MT does NOT use loctite (as per the manual).

I put just a light coating of Yamaha's water proof grease on the threads of the WP housing and snug it down. Same for the mounting bolt threads. You won't find a torque spec for that WP housing either as there is NONE officially.
I agree with FJR1300...the seals where the water tube enters the water pump are dislodged and not all the water is going up the tube to the engine...Drop the LU down and I am sure you will find it easily.

NO Loctite on those bolts, there is absolutely no need of it in this case, grease is your friend on outboard motors.

If your stuck on torqueing those bolts there should be a reference to "standard" torque in the Service Manual near the beginning ( go to the site already mentioned to download) and a torque will be given for that specific size bolt.
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