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An F75TLRD model is a 2005 model year motor.

Parts book shows that it uses a 6D8-43880-00-00 motor.

6D8-43880-00-00 YAMAHA MOTOR ASSY

The 2003 and 2004 F75TLRB and F75TLRC models uses a 67F-43880-00-00 motor.

All F75TLR models from 2005 thru 2011 used either a 6D8-43880-00-00 motor or a 6D8-43880-01-00 motor.

The -00-00 motor and the -01-00 motor have been superseded by the -09-00 motor.

If you order the part from Yamaha I suspect that it will fit. That is, the problem is more than likely with the aftermarket pump maker.

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