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As I understand it, the primary reason behind NOT using anti-seize is that it throws off the TQ readings when reinstalling plugs with a TW. Well, I don't. So therefore it doesn't.

Obviously, getting sloppy and getting the stuff on the electrode will create havoc with the spark. As mentioned, I use it very sparingly and carefully only on the threads. Some do, some don't. I do.

To me, the threat of screwing the threads up in that soft head up far outweighs the chance of incurring ignition problems because of it. But I must say, since that episode with the blown out plug, I do give them just an RCH more oomph when installing them now. My concern is that I didn't put that plug in tight enough.

I'm sure that someone will come up with evidence to the contrary with regard to anti-seize and I am all ears. But when I have to go full Cro-Mag in an attempt to remove ALL 12 plugs on a pair of $35K engines (with heads almost as soft as my junk)...I'm going to use it. Pulling those plugs really had me worried.

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