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Originally Posted by oldmako69 View Post
All this yammering about TQ is fascinating.

Allow me to derail the thread, but ever so slightly.

My (new to me at 125 hour, 2005 F225 engines) now have about 250 hours on them. This spring while replacing the zinc's I decided to pull the spark plugs and take a look. Every single plug took two hands and a ton of ass to break free from the heads.

While not Andre the Giant, I am 6'3 and 240 and still reasonably fit (strong)for a worn out old man. They were so damn tight that I would have used my breaker bar, had it been in my truck. I've removed large brake caliper and suspension bolts on trucks that popped free with much less torque.

In 40 years of messing with cars and boats, I have never been so fearful about pulling plugs. I have to assume that they were factory installed with such low hours on the engines. Fortunately, I got them all out, and they all looked fine.

But what the hell?

I put them back in with the same amount of force that I have always used on aluminum heads, which is to say, not much. I did not use a T wrench.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Mako, where the plugs you took out have very dry threads? I use a lube specifically designed for plugs in aluminum threads, although I can not remember the name of it right now. It is a stick, sort of like a grease pencil, and just a little bit on the threads and no more stuck plugs.

Having the engine warmed up before removing the plugs helps them come out much easier as well.

I have never used a torque wrench to install a spark plug either...
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