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Originally Posted by Capt.Terry View Post
Once I am done with this, it is time to get that dipstick oil sucker ...
I almost had the Helix coil today got a M14 x 1.5 coil , and the tap was a 14 however I looked at it hard and it was a 14 UNC not the same pitch and I just couldn't find a 9/16" drill bit.. so it looks to be an Amazon or Ebay search to get one reasonable. I think I'll leave the tab on, unless I feel reel good and can get at it with a good needle nose but, why, If I get the coil in and the bolt fits flat. I don't intend to use this port. I almost thought to just fill it in with some epoxy. but that can be a last resort --- a lot of thank you's out to you all for the help. all these blunders become good learning skills. What is the Phrase "too soon we grow to old and too old we grow too smart" > cheers guys.. see you on the water > I hope
Capt Terry,

You realize you will need a "helicoil tap" and the corresponding tap drill. They are not the same a standard tap....

You should be able to find a helicoil KIT on eBay or amazon that will include the proper tap, drill bit, insert tool and a few coils.
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